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What Does GS Mean in Shoes? 3 Important Shoe Charts of GS

What Does GS Mean in Shoes? 3 Important Shoe Charts of GS

If you’ve ever looked for a pair of shoes online, you’ve probably come across acronyms and abbreviations like GG, PS, BG, and GS. Although some shoe fans are familiar with these phrases, the majority of newbies have no idea what they are for.

In fact, to avoid producing extra confusion, most regular buyers choose to avoid purchasing shoes online in order to prevent mismatching sizes. The good news is that these difficult terms and acronyms are really simple to comprehend.

As a result, this brief guide explains what these words essentially mean, with an emphasis on what does GS mean in shoes. In addition, we’ve highlighted some of the aspects to consider while shopping for shoes, as well as how to measure your child’s feet when looking for the proper pair of shoes. 

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

Most people would respond to things like “Good Shoes” and “Grip Sole” when asked what GS stands for. Although you are somehow correct, the correct definition of GS is Grade School. The word “Grade School” refers to the shoe size in relation to your child’s foot size.

What Does GS Mean in Shoes

According to the Nike GS size chart, it is the largest shoe size for youngsters. It is closely followed by PS (Pre-School) and TD (Toddler) on the size chart, making it easier to identify between them. Nike uses this principle to reveal the exact sizes of its Air Jordan sneakers, making it easier for buyers to get the right fit.

What is the Purpose of It?

It’s easy to become lost in the assortment of shoe sizes available while looking for Grade School Shoes. Thankfully, the GS shoe size chart narrows down your options by dividing children’s and adult shoes on the size chart.

When picking a shoe size for your child, keep in mind that these tables don’t take into consideration the arch height and length of your child’s foot. As a result, it’s a good idea to measure your child’s feet first before consulting the size chart.

When Buying GS Shoes, Take These into Consideration

Although Nike GS size chart categorizes their footwear, other companies are beginning to experiment with it as well. Because there are so many elements to consider when purchasing GS shoes online, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Importance of Abbreviation

Whenever you have to buy hoes online, you should seriously consider the acronyms mentioned. Or when you are doing shopping, you would definitely come across many new and explosive acronyms that will hesitate you in one way or another. Well, the main focus of this guide is to inform you what does GS mean in shoes but if you know some other abbreviations too, it would excellent.

Grade School (GS) is the abbreviation for Grade School.

PS is an abbreviation for Pre-School.

GB stands for Boy Grade School.

BC stands for Baby Crib.

GG stands for Girl Grade School.

The toddler is abbreviated as TD.

Engineered Performance (EP) is an abbreviation for Engineered Performance.

The Ideal Size

Apart from the acronyms, size is the next criterion that requires serious attention. Here, we’re discussing the shoe’s size in relation to your child’s foot size. In their many categories, most companies, such as Adidas and Nike, provide a wide selection of shoe sizes.

Choosing the correct footwear for your kids might be difficult because there are so many options. As a result, you must first measure the length, breadth, and arch height of your child’s foot in order to determine the correct size.

Lastly, you need to consider how exactly your kid will wear the GS shoes. Are they for schooling purposes, for sporting activities, or co-curricular purposes such as hiking? You see, some shoes such as the Air Jordan sneakers are flexible for your kid will break into the shoes much faster than shoes meant for schooling purposes.

With that said, here’s a detailed GS, PS, and TD shoe size data that you can consider if you’re feeling confused. The data focuses mainly on the US, UK, and EUR and only applies to Nike’s and Jordan’s line of footwear.

GS (Grade School) Shoe Chart


PS (Pre-School) Shoe Chart


TD (Toddler) Shoe Chart



So, what does GS mean in shoes? Well, we hope that this little guidebook has provided you with more in-depth and useful answers to your confusing questions. Dealing with all of these exploding acronyms might seem useless unless you’re a shoe lover.

Thankfully, this article has covered all of these shoe words in order to keep you informed whether shopping for shoes online or in a store. We’ve also included some really thorough and informative charts that will greatly assist you in determining the proper sizes.

So, the next time you’re in the market for a pair of Nike shoes or footwear from the Air Jordan brand, we feel you’ll be in a better position to make the best choice.


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