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What Does Ds Mean In Shoes?

What Does Ds Mean In Shoes?

Within the realm of shoes, the word Ds is often used. Ds stands for deadstock. meaning brand fresh, brand new, and in good condition.

If you’re a novice beginning to get into the sneaker world and you are overwhelmed by the multitude of abbreviations, sneaker slang, and nicknames that you’ve never heard of or previously. It may take you up to an entire month to learn and master the various acronyms.

Most times you’ll see Ds in shoes. What does Ds mean in shoes? In this post, I’ll provide you with a detailed explanation of Ds’s meaning, origins, and where to locate Ds in the present.

Where Did Ds Come From?

The theory is that the word Ds which is also known by the name Deadstock likely first came into use in the early days of eBay’s popularity. For some sneaker lovers at the time the word was similar to “weird” or even “corny”.

In this way, resellers are trying to sell and market shoes that are not accessible to them. But, these sneakers can be purchased at bargain prices or be owned by the reseller, but they have not been worn or seen on the floor in dusty basements of the old shoe stores. They are not considered “dead”.

When the eBay revolution started The phrase Ds (or deadstock) was widened. It means any new shoe, no matter its age or the method of purchase.

For instance, Air Jordan 1 Mid SE sneakers were made in the year 1985 or 2001. It is still available as Ds or deadstock, as long as it’s not yet to be used.

So What Does DS Mean in Shoes?

This is now a simple matter. Ds stands for deadstock and refers to something new on the market of shoes or sneakers. Also when shoes have been tested or worn previously they’re not technically Ds anymore.

You may have encountered or heard of VNDS, which refers to very near deadstock. PADS is also very popular which stands in for Pass for Deadstock. People even attempt to appear “cute” or “funny” and claim that their shoes have been worn but are in a great state. In this scenario, they are referring to the term VVVVNDS.

What Does Ds Mean In Shoes

The world of sneaker shoes is awash with them, the majority time, “worn” sneakers mean that they don’t look new, however, they might not look as old-fashioned and trendy.

But, some sneaker gurus have redefined the meaning of Ds by themselves. According to these people, Ds (or deadstock) in sneakers only applies the case when we are talking about the original designs. They are not worn or box-fresh and are so distinctive that a shoe brand can never make them again.

TIP: Always ask for photographs of any imperfections or scratches on shoes to determine what you’re getting before deciding to purchase ds shoes. Additionally, you need to check whether they come with shoes in the box that came with them as well as additional laces. This could indicate that the shoes are in good condition.

What Is The Ds Situation?

Most of the time, buyers are attracted by the condition of sneakers or sneakers that are being resold by the seller. Because these models are out of stock in retail stores, you’ll not be required to check them out.

For instance, if you buy a pair of second-hand sneakers on eBay sellers will evaluate the item on a scale ranging from 1 – 10. If the shoe has a score of 1 it means that the shoes were used for a lengthy period. The show that is in condition 1 can be purchased for sale at a low cost. Conversely, shoes with condition 10 are completely new, in a brand new box and, naturally, they will typically be expensive.

Let’s look at Off-White’s Air VaporMax “The Ten shoes as an example. The Ten sneakers are available on Goat most of the new, deadstock pairs of sneakers will cost between $900 and $1,500. However, the cost of used sneakers is between $700 and $1000. If you see a pair for $700, it is a sign that the shoes have been used several times. The more valuable the pair is, the better state they’re in.

In addition, there are two types of deadstock. The first is shoes that aren’t out of the box but are in new condition. Another type of shoes that were removed then put on to shoot some pictures, and then returned to your shoebox.

What is the reason two different types of sneakers? The reason is that once on the sneaker, it will lose the deadstock shape. If the foot is positioned inside the sneaker the heel will wrinkle, no longer retaining its original form.

Thus, when trustworthy sellers offer their products on sale, they generally claim that the pair is new and dead stock. Also, the shoes have been worn on the feet, but are fresh and brand new since they’ve not been worn outdoors.

The Evolution of Ds Meaning

Following the eBay revolution, the term Ds (also called deadstock) is now more popularly utilized. Of course, the term “deadstock” is still used frequently within the realm of footwear, to describe the new or used stock. But, the term is applied to any kind of product that has not been worn.

These could be classics or not. It’s also possible that the most popular sneaker is sold at a thrift store or consignment store. Even though it isn’t used, it’s not – and has never been “deadstock”.

Thus, the term”ds” or deadstock” is used nowadays more often to define the condition of a product or other product, rather than the way it happened and the location.


What does Ds mean in shoes? I think you have a solution for this query. Ds means Deadstock within the realm of sneaker sales. It is a simple term to describe the new condition of shoes that retailers are looking to offer for sale.

The term “deadstock” or ds is more often used to refer to a new pair of sneakers. That’s why older terms, such as the PADS (Pass As Deadstock) and VNDS (Very Near Deadstock), is virtually no longer used. Some people believe that there’s nothing new or used in the case of deadstock sneakers or shoes that are ds.


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