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5 Ways for How to Not Crease Your Shoes

5 Ways for How to Not Crease Your Shoes

Walking in traditional shoes or creasing hiking shoes is unpleasant and awful. Have you ever had a problem with a pair of shoes? To be honest, let us tell you that many have experienced this, and it’s both terrible and humiliating.

However, there is a solution to the shoe problem. In this blog, we will demonstrate a practical method for how to get rid of creases in shoes. And we will also tell you some effective methods and ways how to not crease your shoes. 

What Causes Your Shoes to Crease?

Your shoes wrinkle because of the method they’re created and the material they’re composed of. The shoe will wrinkle and show if the material and surface are not smooth.

High-quality shoes made of high-quality materials resist creasing and keep their shape. Nike sneakers, for example, are made out of a variety of materials including rubber, leather, foam, and fabric. Rubber is the primary material by weight, and foam is the primary material by volume. The Nike hiking shoes are designed with style and versatility in mind. The creasing is decreased when using such materials.

how to not crease your shoes

One of the primary reasons for the crease is that as you bend your feet, your shoes bend as well. The shoe will crease as a result of this.

In this case, the shoe’s material must be smooth so that it bends smoothly and prevents you from walking in pain. Walking in a rigid, hard-to-bend shoe might also create pain. The answer to how to not crease your shoes while walking is opting best-fitted style and size of them. 

It’s because the extra space between the shoe and the toe hinders the foot from gripping the contour of the shoe. It causes even more creases.

5 Ways for How to Not Crease Your Shoes While Walking?  

What Creates the Creases on your shoes and How to Fix Creases in Shoes? 

Because you bend and flex your foot when you walk, creases are unavoidable. It generates wrinkles in your shoes and makes them unattractive to look at.

When the upper material of your shoe contracts, creasing happens. When you walk, it also puts pressure on your shoes.

how to not crease your shoes

On the other side, if you do nothing, the severity of the creases may increase. Your shoes may appear worn and outdated as a result of this. To avoid this issue, here are some tips for reducing no crease walk

  1. Take Proper Steps

You must walk properly to keep your shoes from creasing. Avoid walking on your toes to avoid creases. Toe walking refers to walking on your toes rather than your heels touching the floor or the ground. To avoid your shoes creasing, you can walk in heels.

It allows your shoes’ upper material to straighten and flatten. Furthermore, you will not exert much effort and will not put any strain on your legs or shoes.

  1. Select Proper Fitted Shoes  

Avoid leaving too much space between your feet and the upper material of your shoes as much as possible. This implies that you must have the appropriate size.

The space in the upper material of your shoes is reduced if you have a perfect size. It reduces creases by allowing your feet to support the upper material.

Meanwhile, if the shoes are too big, there will be a lot of space between the feet and the upper material, which will result increasing because there will be no resistance to the upper material.

When pressing your feet forward into the front of the shoe, check the gap at the back to verify if you have the right size. Make sure there isn’t too much room between your heel and the gap. If the sides of the shoes are ill-fitting or excessively loose, the uppers can wrinkle.

  1.  Don’t Wear Shoes on Daily Basis 

Wearing your shoes all the time will lead them to wrinkle and wear out. You should have at least two pairs of work shoes, preferably more.

When your shoes are worn out a lot, they flex and wrinkle a lot more. To avoid usage and wear, alternate between your two pairs of shoes.

  1. Make Use of Shoe Crease Shield 

If you have trouble putting your heels in your shoes, this can result in wrinkles on the back of your shoes. If you’re lazy about putting on your shoes and just step on the rear of them until you put your heel in, your shoes will most likely have creases.

You can use a shoehorn to make it easy for you and avoid creases by sliding your feet into your shoes. A shoehorn has a curved shape and a long spoon-like head with a short handle.

  1. Make Sure Your Shoelaces are Securely Fastened

Tightening your shoelaces properly can help avoid wrinkles by preventing too much room in your shoes and foot movement. Furthermore, it may help reduce toenail blisters and bruising caused by foot movement. Simply tie your shoelaces to a close fit to be comfortable and eliminate creases.


These were some of the best ways how not to crease your shoes when walking or doing jog, however, if you know some else good points, then do let us know in the comment section. 

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