Home Guides What Do You Need To Know About How to Hydro Dip Shoes? 2 Steps

What Do You Need To Know About How to Hydro Dip Shoes? 2 Steps

What Do You Need To Know About How to Hydro Dip Shoes? 2 Steps

Hydro-dipping sounds like an elaborate and high-tech process that, when you think of automobiles, it can be.

But, hydro-dipping things can be an easy and enjoyable task to complete at home.

The hydro dip shoes is a process in which paint that has been deposited on the water’s surface is transferred to the object once it is it is dipped.

This effect could also be achieved by making use of film transfers. In any case, this is a great idea for adding personality to your footwear.

What are the things you require to dip your shoes in hydro? To dip shoe hydro-spray you’ll need plastic or fabric shoes (preferably white) gloves, paint, a container that is a deep tape, water, and tape. The container should be filled with water and then add some spray paint in order to make patterns. Dip the shoes and the color will stick to the shoes.

When you read the next paragraphs, you’ll discover how simple to come up with distinctive designs that are completely unique.

In addition to the complete list of materials needed for each technique as well as easy-to-follow instructions for both methods so that you can alter your footwear in a matter of minutes – just like a professional!

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Two Different Methods For Hydro Dip Shoes

Film transfer and spray paint are two options that you can use to hydro-dipping your shoes.

Spray paint is probably the most convenient alternative, as you can buy the required materials at any hardware store however it’s only limited to creating psychedelic patterns.

hydro dip shoes

The style of film transfer is restricted by your imagination and the ability to design graphics on your computer.

Some businesses offer hydro film, which allows printing on a printer at home. But, the film transfers are also available in a variety of designs.

For both of these techniques, The common element is water. The fundamental process ( more details here) of dropping the shoe into the water to make the pattern is identical.

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Supplies For Hydro Dip Shoes With Spray Paint

If you’ve decided to go with using spray-paint to be the method to make your own shoes, you’ll need the following components:

  • Shoes
  • Water
  • Spray paint for acrylic (check for these amazing colours)
  • Gloves
  • The plastic container (large)
  • Metal stick or silicon (depending of the technique you prefer to employ)
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Plastic bags to stuff the shoes in case you don’t want the insides of your shoes painted.

Getting Started

If you are deciding on the shoes you’ll transform the appearance of, you should choose white shoes since they will permit the paint to be the most obvious.

You may use other colors for shoes, but this might not be as effective. Both PU and fabric materials are able to work. You can even dip sandals if you want.

Hydro Dip Shoes

Before you begin the dipping process prepare the shoes by taking off the laces and tapering the areas you do not intend to paint. This is usually done by packing the insides of your shoes.

The container you choose to use must be large enough to allow you to completely submerge the shoe completely.

Paint can adhere to the container, so use one that you aren’t afraid of getting dirty. Fill the container to 3/4 with water.

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Consider using gloves If you don’t wish to get coated in paint.

It is recommended to use at least two different colors of spray paint to achieve the effect, but three is the most effective combination.

You can make as many colors as you wish however, be cautious not to create the mess of brown. It is best to use colors that contrast.

Paint the spray into the water. It is important to be quick as the paint turns to form a film after only a few minutes.

Another method can be to apply a large amount of the primary hue in the center of the water.

Then, you can use the other colors to apply them on over, and as you spray, distinctive patterns will emerge.

Another approach is spraying paint towards the exterior of the box, and then using a stick, mixing the colors with the other to create patterns.

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Tips: When attempting this method, make sure you utilize a silicone or metal stirrer because the paint can stick to wood, which can ruin the designs.

Time To Hydro Dip

You’re now prepared to dip the shoes. Place the sole of the shoe and put it in the paint mix and the water.

You should sink the shoe in and out as slowly and as smoothly as you can. Make sure to apply more paint prior to dipping the second shoe.

After you’ve dipped your shoes, you’ll require drying your shoes overnight, so put them away in a secure place so that they don’t get accidentally smacked.

hydro dip shoes

Doing this before the paint dries will ruin the pattern. After drying, you can take the tape off and the stuffing out.

Although it is not mandatory when wearing fabric shoes It is nevertheless recommended to spray your shoes that have been dipped in water with a spray of polyurethane to keep them in place and to protect them. This will prolong their life.

The shoes you’ve dipped in hydro don’t have to be tucked away on the mantelpiece or beneath the display case. The style that they offer should not be locked away.

If they are used regularly they’ll last several years However, they could be damaged by general wear and wear and tear.

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Supplies For Film Transfer Hydro Dipping

You’ll need a few more items for hydro-dipping than for the spray paint option.

  • Shoes
  • Water
  • Container made of plastic (large)
  • Hydrographic film – either patterned or un-patterned ( Amazon offers a wide range)
  • Printer that uses pigment-based inks (if you are printing your own designs)
  • Activator ( find it here)
  • Primer
  • Gloves
  • Mask (activator is poisonous)
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Spray of polyurethane – clear ( Deft’s interior/exterior spray is the best)

Getting Started

In the case of spray paint, it is recommended to wear white shoes.

Begin by preparing the shoe by taping over the areas you don’t like the design to be.

Measure the length of the film you’ll need to ensure it is sufficient to cover the entire part of the shoe you wish to cover.

Cut the film in size.

Then apply the spray to the shoes using the primer and let the shoes to air dry for around two hours.

Fill the container up with enough water so that the shoes can be completely submerged. The water’s temperature is supposed to be between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

After the primer has dried then you can place the cut piece of film onto the water. You should wait for about 40-60 seconds after you spray it with a fine coating of activater.

Time To Hydro Dip

You are now able to dip your shoes. You must dip your shoe slowly so that you don’t get crinkles. It should then wrap around the shoe.

When you take the shoe out of the water remove the film so that it doesn’t stick to the shoe on the way down and end up ruining the style.

Once the shoe is dry the shoe can be sprayed with one or two coats of polyurethane spray in order to seal and ensure its protection.

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Common Mistakes To Avoid With Hydro Dipping

There are some mistakes to keep in mind during the process of hydro dipping. For avoiding them, think about the following aspects prior to you start.

Be sure that the container you choose to use has enough depth to allow you to submerge your shoes completely otherwise you’ll only transfer the designs onto parts of your shoe.

Hydro Dip Shoes

If you’re preparing your shoes, make sure you clean them thoroughly, otherwise, the graphics or paint won’t adhere.

Also, take the time to prepare your shoes using masking tape to ensure that the paint is precisely where you would like it to and you get clear lines.

Check that your water isn’t too cold. If it is then the film or paint will dry too fast and will not be usable.

Mistakes To Avoid With the Spray Paint Hydro Dipping Method

Some mistakes are specific to the technique of spray painting. This includes:

  • Do not wait too long after you’ve sprayed the paint onto the water. If you aren’t working fast enough, the paint will begin to become congealed.
  • If you choose the incorrect angle, or the wrong speed while dips the shoe could result with the coating not sticking to your shoe or sticking only to the surface of the shoe. It’s recommended to lower your shoe by holding it slowly on the sole while completely submerging the shoe.
  • Double dipping could result in an unclean design and messy paint. If you’re only dipping just one side at a go or the paint wasn’t able to adhere to the entire shoe, double dip. However, try to stick to the undipped portion and a small amount of the dipped section so that it is joined seamlessly.
  • Doing this before the paint has had a chance to dry. Don’t do it!
  • Do you not use enough spray paint. It is more expensive than you think.

Mistakes To Avoid With Film Transfer Hydro Dipping

These errors are particular for the transfer process:

  • The film is not being inserted too quickly , causing bubbles.
  • Double dip after getting wet. If you’re only doing only one side of the shoes at each time, it is necessary to wait until the shoe is be dry prior to applying the second layer of transfer material.
  • The film should be placed on the wrong way up.
  • Allowing the water to sit above the film prior to spraying your activator.
  • Do not seal the shoes to keep them safe.


Both methods of hydro-dipping shoes work and can be performed at home in a matter of minutes.

The spray paint method is a bit more secure and can create a thrilling spin of color, film transfers are more versatile in terms of designs.

The most essential requirements for each are shoes, dipping vessel water, the transferor paint.

With these tools in your possession, You are now able to design your very own distinctive pair of sneakers that are hydro-dipped.

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