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How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes (6 Best and Easy Method)

How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes (6 Best and Easy Method)
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Hey dude beach shoes get filthy really quickly and are quite tough to clean. But don’t worry; we know you’ve come here because you’ve been looking for a simple way to clean it.

We’ll show you how to clean Hey Dude shoes in a lot more basic and straightforward manner, as well as some tips for keeping them dust-free and looking new.

In this guide blog, we’ll provide some fantastic ideas, simple techniques, and tricks for cleaning these shoes.

Items that you’ll require 

  • A little tub full of water 
  • Shoe polish, sponge, and brush
  • Soap or detergent 
  • Flashlight
  • Polishing with soft cloth towels.

Guide on How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes: 

Step 1: In the first step, try to remove extra and most visible dirt from shoes, and using a flashlight remove the dust from hey dude’s insoles. Clean it with a clean piece of cloth or sponge or you can also take a brush for this purpose. Try not to smash the leather of shoes in this step. 

Step 2: Buff and polish the surface. Shoe polish the entire shoe from top to bottom. After five minutes, wipe away any excess oil with a dry towel or gentle cloth. This will breathe fresh life into it! This might help you save money on shoe cleaning supplies!

Step 3: Be careful when you are polishing. When you are done polishing all the sides and surfaces of the shoes with a clean towel (soaked in soapy water) or brush, you will see a soft luster on the shoes. 

Carefully watch your steps while you doing polishing to other sensitive steps of your shoes. For example, the shoe and toe area will necessitate more work than the bulk of the other portions.

Step 4: Make sure the mesh inside is clean. If you have the time, use a sponge and warm water on a rag or soft cloth to wipe out all of the shoes ‘ inside. Even when it’s scorching outside, this will keep your feet cool and comfy!

Step 5: Check for any damage. After everything has dried, go over with your flashlight one last time, checking for little spots that are damaged (scratched) or not glossy enough. Treat any problems right now before they grow worse.

Step 6: Keep hey dude shoes in the UK in a proper place where they would not be contaminated by first. Keep them packed by a Shoe Box. Put shoetrees in every pair and wrap them off separately, so that the other’s dirty sides won’t touch each other. 

Save them in a proper way until you need them again.

Follow These Steps to Keep Your Hey Dude Shoes in Great Shape

If it is snow falling outside, then we recommend don’t wear hey dude shoes as they will attach to the sole of your feet that will further cause difficulty to move. 

Wear full-length socks that will cover your feet so that when you put this shoe on, no flesh would visible. This also helps us to keep friction, any kind of discomfort or itching away. 


You should keep watching your walk when you wear hey dude shoes so that the lower of this shoe would not damage. Walking at a quick speed might create chipping on your heels, therefore it’s better to take it easy.

Use baby powder or cornstarch to avoid blisters and make removal easier if water penetrates between the layers of your Hey Dude Shoes.

Because, after all, man shoes don’t give much support, wearing high heels for a lengthy amount of time may cause rips in the sole or peeling of your heel from the shoe itself!

Some Hey Dude Shoes Tips & Tricks

Hey Dude Shoes Shoe Odor Reduction

By cleaning the shoes with a mixture of lemon juice and baking powder, smells can be decreased. If your Hey Dude shoes stink, let them out in the sun for a day or hang them out in the bathroom while you wash. The disinfecting qualities of sunlight can eliminate the microorganisms that cause a stink. An anti-bacterial shoe spray, which can be obtained at most footwear retailers, is another option to freshen up your shoes.

Repair Scratched Hey Dude Shoes 

Scratchless Cream removes scratches from shoes without the need for buffing or polishing. It’s the best patent leather shoe repair product on the market. To begin, clean your Hey guy shoes with mild soap to remove dirt smudges such as dust and oil. Using a clean towel, pat dry. ScratchLess Cream used on a soft cloth can buff away scratches on the shoe leather. Work it into the scratched area in circular motions until the scratch is no longer visible. This cream may also be used on leather coats, belts, and handbags that aren’t embellished with stones or studs.


So, we have confidence that we told you enough tricks on how to clean hey dude shoes effortlessly. These shoes have an amazing grip, support, and comfort. They are stylish as well, look BOMB when you will put them on with nice clothing. Without costing much price, these slip-resistant shoes would exceptionally look like designer shoes. But they need washing and cleaning on a regular or weekly basis because they become filthy quickly. 

We assure you that if you follow the above-mentioned steps to clean your hey dude shoes, you will win the day.


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