Top 10 Best Shoes For Standing on Concrete All Day in 2022

Are you the one that is having a very tricky time right now because of wearing uncomfortable shoes all day long? Or your work demands you to stand on hard surfaces? Or, you are deciding to buy one nice pair of shoes to win the day? If you answer yes, then you have come to the right place.

We completely understand how it feels to have sore feet and legs pain due to a bad pick-up choice of shoes. As a wise man once said, Shoes can transform your body language and attitude”. So why wait for the perfect moment?

In this article, we have carefully reviewed the top 10 best shoes for standing on concrete all day. 

So, now you can say goodbye to foot injuries and pain.

Without any delay, let’s get into it!

1- Under Armour Men’s Surge 2 Running Shoe 


Quick Information

Brand: Under Armour 

Color: Grey and Yellow

Targeted Audience: Men

Style: Concrete, Neutral 

Material: Upper made of Breathable Mesh 

Sole: Made of Rubber

Best for Runners

Offset: 8mm

Additional feature: Rubber knobs on the outsole for extra grip 

Product Highlights

The sole of this pair of shoes is made of rubber that gives you durability while running. Unlike other materials used in shoe soles, this also sustains grip.

We must say that this shoe is the best choice if you are a runner. As runners always need flexibility, versatility, and more cushioning in shoes so that they do feel the hardness of the ground while running.

As runners need full support from shoes to stand all day or to run, the structure of this shoe meets all their demands.

It doesn’t cost much weight and the upper material is made from mesh that is very breathable. Because runners always need fresh air to avoid sweating of feet, it is one of the best pick-up choices.


Availability of many colors

Custom size fit

Enhanced cushioning


The external heel may sometimes cause pain in the ankle. 

Our opinion:

As this shoe is all best for runners, we must say you should choose this if you are planning to participate in the big race and minded to win!

2- Under Armour Men’s HOVR Infinite 3 Running Shoe

best shoes for standing all day on concrete

Quick Information

Brand: Under Armour Store

Color: Grey and Orange 

Material: Breathable mesh

Heel measurement: 1.4”

Additional feature: UA HOVR 

Sole material: Rubber 

Product Highlights

The imported nature of this shoe is made from 100% textile that ensures you its long life and durability. 

These shoes especially have ‘zero gravity feels’ which is provided by UA HOVR technology. This is to ensure you that you will maintain the energy that would assist further to maintain impact. 

The Upper sole of this shoe is made from mesh that is breathable and very light weighted. It will provide the support that you need to run. 

To avoid any slipping and embarrassment, this shoe has an EVA sock liner. 

This pair of shoes also has a stretch bootie that would help you to wear and take it off in no time.

And let us tell you one good and the beneficial secret of this shoe. It has an internal heel that will provide you with additional stamina and support to win the race. It also locks up the feet to sit back in its place. 


Full rubber outsole

External strap for additional grip

Multi-color available

Custom and Comfort


Too heavy and hard to break-in 

Our opinion:

We think that if you want additional support to your feet while running and looking for a pair of shoes that locks in and give zero-gravity feels, then this one would be best for you!

3- PUMA Men 365 Concrete Lite Soccer Cleats in Black Color

best shoes for standing on concrete all day


Brand: PUMA 

Color: Black with white sole 

Material: Fabric 

Sole: Rubber 

Item weight: 7.8 ounces 

Best choice for Soccer 


The upper side of this shoe is made from breathable mesh and also incorporates fabric in it. The outsole is non-marking and the midsole is EVA made from rubber. 

It is available in black and white colors and can be custom sized also. The support, stamina, and grip that this shoe provides you will lead towards your best version in any kind of athlete or workout.


Breathable mesh upper

Rubber sole

Good for soccer performance


Only Black and White color are available

A too strong grip that sometimes causes pain in the ankle 

Our opinion:

The mid and outsole are made from rubber, so if you are looking for some great shoes that give you extra support, go for them.

4- Reebok Men’s Rb4041 Cushion Safety Toe Athletic Shoe  

best concrete shoes


Brand: Reebok 

Color: Black with grey sole 

Material: Mesh 

Sole: Rubber 

Toe: Extra Wide 

Additional feature: Extra cushioning, Slip-resistant 


This pair of shoes is extra lightweight and durable. Its flexibility will allow you to mold it in any way you want. For providing you with a greater range of motion, it has deep flex grooves. Extra rubber ensures extra cushioning that will not let your feet feel any kind of tiredness during race or sports. 

The insole of this shoe is made from black lining that is Nylon textile. It also has a Memory Tech massage footbed that will help you to feel relaxed all the time during the athlete. 

For an aesthetic and sleek look, this shoe has a low-cut design. It doesn’t only provide a full sportsman look but also helps you to move your ankle easily.


Full-foot flex grooves


Toe made from Alloy minimize weight


Broaden Toe that sometimes doesn’t fit well for the people with slim toe

Our opinion:

If you want to feel untired and chill while doing your favorite workout or athlete, then this pair of shoes is for you!

Its massage footbed would provide immediate cushioning to your feet.

5- ECCO Men’s Biom Cool Pro Gore-Tex Golf Shoe


Brand: ECCO 

Color: Grey 

Sole: Synthetic 

Especially for: Golf

Grip: Very Strong

Item weight: 2.2 pounds 

Additional feature: Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable 


ECCO Golf shoes are specially manufactured with a focus to provide your feet the comfort they need!

The closure system/style of this shoe is very unique and innovative that provides you custom comfort and no pain at all.

Unlike traditional laces, the small diameter causes more beneficial closing. The laces of these shoes are made from stainless steel that can endure high tension and be adjusted easily.

Most joggers or sneakers are very difficult to wash, but this shoe is dirt-repellent which means it is very easy to clean. 

The BOA closure system (Dial and Laces) promises the full functionality, custom fit, and comfort that you need.


Easy to wear 

Strong grip

Easy to clean



Only one color is available

Our opinion:

In case you are searching for shoes especially for Golf, then this one is made for you. 

It is easy to clean and the custom fit feature makes it very prominent.

6- Skechers Men’s Flex Advantage Bendon Work Shoe

best concrete shoes


Brand: Skechers 

Color: Black 

Item weight: 12 ounces 

Sole: Synthetic 

Material: Mesh


As the upper side of these shoes is made from mesh, which ensures your skin breathes to its full while running. Your feet start sweating within no time while running or playing any support, so this shoe will come as a supporter.

Memory foam provides you extra cushioning and comfort, intended to make your feet feel relaxed every time you put it on.

When it comes to footwear, synthetic fabrics are more lightweight and breathe better. Synthetic material for your shoes may be made water-resistant, softer, wrinkle-free, and strain-resistant by adding various chemicals to the fabric.


Breathable Mesh

Trend savvy

Custom size and fitting


Only one color is available

Our opinion:

This footwear is specially made for people who are looking for some comfortable yet sleek shoes for running or playing some sports. Its breathable mesh is another worth observing feature. So, if you are one of them, grab this pair of shoes.

7- Saucony Unisex-Adult Men’s Cohesion 11 Running Shoe

concrete shoes


Brand: Saucony 

Color: Black 

Item weight: 10.88 ounces 

Material: Synthetic

Sole: Rubber 

Cushioning: Made from Grid 

Size: Customize 


This shoe brand guarantees you that you won’t feel any hesitation or worry regarding the footwear while performing any activity.

The overlays of this shoe are very supportive and you can clean it effortlessly. Its rubber sole is intended to provide you with perfect grip and support while performing. 

Cushioning style of this shoe is made from grinding that not only provides you extra strength and durability but also ensures no slipping.


Perfect for all types of athletes

Grid supportive

Solid rubber sole

Extra cushioning and support


Grip too tight

Our opinion:

In our honest opinion, we think that it would prove its best performance if you choose this brand for sports. The rubber sole of this shoe will provide support and the grid will avoid any slipping.

8- Under Armour Men’s Charged Impulse 2 ABC Reflect Running Shoe

best shoes for walking on concrete


Brand: Under Armour 

Color: Grey 

Item weight: 1.32 Pounds 

Sole material: Rubber 

Upper: Made of Mesh

Midsole: charged cushioning 

Targeted audience: Men


The rubber sole of this shoe will provide the strength and confidence to win that day!

The upper side of this shoe is made from breathable mesh and it is very light in weight. The main reason to make a mesh with almost no weight is to let their feet feel no heaviness. 

The sock liner is embedded perfectly for providing extra support and cushioning to your feet.

The midsole is firmer and softer in the middle so that your feet’ soles don’t feel any rigidness while wearing this shoe.


Rubber sole

Engineered mesh

Firmer midsole in the heel

Solid outsole


Not easy to wash

Our opinion:

If you want to have an extra grip on your feet through the upper, middle, and lower soles, then this shoe is the perfect pick-up choice for you!

9- Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

concrete shoes


Brand: Under Armour 

Color: Black majorly 

Item weight: 10.6 ounces 

Sole: Synthetic 

Material: 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane

Size: Customize

Upper: Made from breathable mesh


This pair of shoes is very stylish as it has three colored digital prints. Overall, its major color is black, but its sole is made from sky blue and white color.

The leather of this shoe is very durable and it locks your feet effectively. The midsole of this shoe uses compression. Its outsole is made from solid rubber that not only provides great comfort but ensures durability while performing.


Charged cushioning midsole

3D digital printing gives a sleek look

Durable and breathable mesh


Leather will cause sweating in summer

Our opinion:

We would highly recommend to our viewers that they should prefer this pair of shoes. From having breathable and lightweight mesh to the comfort and strong grip that it brings, it is the best option for running or standing all day long.

10- Under Armour Men’s HOVR Rise 3 Cross Trainer


Brand: Under Armour 

Color: Grey with orange sole 

Item weight: 1.74 pounds 

Sole: Rubber 

Upper: Mesh

Midsole: UA HOVR foam


If you want to feel no gravity or weight then, look at this amazing product. It will ensure you maintain your energy while running.

The stretch bootie feature allows you to wear them within no time. It has a 3D print that is very eye-catchy and durable at the same time.


The external strap can fit your feet in one place

Many colors available

Size is customizable 


Tighter around the toe 

Our opinion:

If you are looking for nice, comfortable, and easy-to-wear shoes, then this one is made for you.


Which sole is better, rubber or synthetic?

The natural rubber outsole will provide you extra grip unlike synthetic. Rubber soles are weatherproof and they would also be able to give a strong grip in oil and water.

Why does my ankle start hurting after wearing shoes all day long?

The likely reason is that the sole of the shoe must be very hard or have too strong a grip.

How do I know what size of shoes would be perfect for me?

Please carefully go through the custom size chart given by the manufacturer company.

If I don’t like to tie laces every day, what type of shoes should I prefer then?

Kindly go for stretch bootie-constructed shoes that have laces on them but this feature allows you to take them on and off in no time.

Why mesh material is supreme in all uppers of shoes?

Because the mesh is very light weighted, your feet don’t feel any pressure, and at the same time, they are breathable to let the air pass.

What would be the perfect color of shoes, if I have to wear them every day at my workplace?

Please go for white or grey shoes.

If I am looking especially for Golf shoes, should I prefer the waterproof feature of waterproof?

Yes, definitely. Golf shoes surely have a waterproof outer and breathable mesh.


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